SPOT Signs Agreement To Distribute Kompsat-2 Imagery Across North America

(5 May 2009) SPOT Image Corporation today announced that it has entered into an agreement with KAI Image as the distributor of Kompsat-2 products to customers across North America.

Through this partnership, SPOT Image Corporation can now offer users very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery for projects requiring the detail of a 1-meter image.

By signing this agreement, SPOT Image Corporation will promote, distribute, service, and support data capabilities for Kompsat-2 in the United States. Kompsat-2 is a 10-bit system featuring four bands (red, green, blue and near infrared), which simultaneously collects 1-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multispectral imagery to produce a standard 1-meter natural colour product. The blue band capability of Kompsat-2 makes it an ideal solution for mapping shallow water, differentiating soil from vegetation and water penetration studies, such as corral mapping. This will allow SPOT Image to further enhance its current high resolution satellite offerings to a broad marketplace that includes defense, homeland security and commercial applications.

Covering a footprint of 15 km x 15 km, Kompsat-2 is capable of collecting image segments in excess of 1000 km long. With this combination of imaging capacity and very high spatial resolution, Kompsat-2 is ideally suited for reconnaissance, surveillance and large-scale mapping, including urban planning, optimizing road and rail corridors, environmental impact studies, and precision agriculture.

“We are very excited about introducing ourselves into the VHR market,” says Greg Buckman, Director of Sales and Marketing at SPOT Image Corporation. “This only further extends SPOT Image’s full line of products and services. In addition, customers will be able to enjoy the same level of service and value they’ve come to know and expect from us.”

Kompsat-2 is just the latest addition to SPOT Image Corporation’s already vast selection of imagery products and services. In February 2010, SPOT Image plans to debut their first of two VHR satellites, Pleiades.

About SPOT Image

SPOT Image Corporation of Chantilly, VA, is a fully-owned North American subsidiary of Spot Image. With three operational Earth observation satellites in orbit and three more under development, Spot Image is a leading supplier of geospatial information. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, with subsidiaries and offices in Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Peru, Singapore and the United States, the Spot Image group leverages a global network of ground receiving stations, partners and distributors to bring an extensive variety of geographic information products, and services to public- and private-sector decision-makers worldwide. Spot Image is 81% owned by EADS Astrium, and together with Infoterra, forms the Earth Observation division of Astrium Services

(source: Spot Image) and Spacenewsfeed

Author: EARSC

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