Saxon Forestry in Germany Implementing ERDAS APOLLO

ERDAS announces that the Public Enterprise Sachsenforst in Saxonia, Germany has selected ERDAS APOLLO to manage and deliver its massive amounts of vector and raster data to internal and external customers. GEOSYSTEMS, the distributor of ERDAS in Germany, is customizing ERDAS APOLLO to meet Sachsenforst’s specific needs.

ERDAS APOLLO is an out-of-the-box, standards-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solution that efficiently manages and quickly serves massive amounts of geospatial data located and distributed across an organization. ERDAS APOLLO simplifies the utilization of vector, raster and terrain data, seamlessly integrating with existing GIS environments, leveraging business systems and supporting almost any kind of data input (including ArcSDE, PostGIS & Oracle).With a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO is fully equipped with publishing and consuming capabilities.

The GIS/cartography/cadastre department within the Public Enterprise Sachsenforst manages the geographic data, delivering data to each of the forest districts. The department required a data management solution with quick and flexible access to any desired data. In addition, the data needed to have the ability of being delivered as an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant web service or on CD/DVD. The new system also needed to offer direct data consumption in ERDAS IMAGINE® and other geospatial applications.

Recognizing that ERDAS APOLLO was appropriate for the Public Enterprise Sachsenforst, GEOSYSTEMS customized this solution to meet Sachsenforst’s unique needs.

“We are happy to provide a truly customized solution. It easily fits into Sachsenforst’s existing IT structure,” said Dr. Ursula Benz, Business Development, GEOSYSTEMS. “Moreover, it accesses OGC correspondent web services and supports applications that do not use web services. Data delivery can be either web-based or on CD/DVD, depending on the requirements of the user.”

“ERDAS APOLLO has the ability to administer terabytes of Sachsenforst’s imagery efficiently without redundancy,” said Thomas Bayer, Vice President EMEA, ERDAS. “This allows the GIS/cartography/cadastre department, which acts as a central site for image data, to deliver ortho and satellite data, digital elevation models and maps promptly.”

The customized ERDAS APOLLO solution meets all of Sachsenforst’s requirements, including geoprocessing and data compression capabilities, high performance with low hardware requirements, easy administration (data manager) of heterogeneous data and the ability to serve heterogeneous customers with different status of software capabilities.

“With ERDAS APOLLO, we are able to reduce our data storage space significantly,” said Katrin Kranz, Department Head, FGIS/Kartographie/Vermessung. “Moreover, the new system provides an efficient workflow for easy, fast and flexible data delivery.”

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