2009 best practices for spatial data infrastructures

The objective of the eSDI-NET+ project is to establish a network for communication and knowledge exchange of best practices on European Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), which will enhance the use of geographic information provided by the GMES.

Recently, a call for submission of best practices on SDI’s has been launched, focusing on sub national level, for the purpose of a board assessment campaign. After all the applicants have been evaluated through interviews and local workshops, successful ones will be awarded during an international conference planned for the end of 2009.

The eSDI-NET+ project (Network for promotion of cross-border dialogue and exchange of best practices on Spatial Data Infrastructures throughout Europe) is co-funded by the European Community programme eContentplus (within DG Information Society and Media) for a period of 3 years (2007-2010). The project targets users and aims at gathering European Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) stakeholders in a platform for communication and knowledge exchange at all levels, with an emphasis on the user benefits. The purpose of this network is to raise awareness of the important role SDIs play and to promote cross border dialogue resulting in the creation of synthesised SDI guidelines and standards. By establishing communication mechanisms between European and local levels, this initiative will support better use of geographic information provided by European initiatives such as INSPIRE, GMES and GALILEO.

Recently, the eSDI-Net+ project has launched a broad assessment campaign consisting of identification and analysis of SDI’s best practices at sub national level. This process will end up by the SDI Best Practice Award at the end of this year, during an international conference gathering the European communities involved in geo-information issues.

All types and sizes of stakeholders in charge of SDI developments from any region of Europe and at any level can apply before 22 September 2009. Applications should be submitted by organisations facilitating access to geographical content or providing geo-information services to end users. Afterwards, selected applicants will to present themselves to Spatial Data Experts and local SDI stakeholders during personal interviews and local workshops.

Each interviewed applicant will be evaluated by the national representative of the eSDI-NET+ project, taking diverse criteria into account among which:

  • Technological, innovative level and originality of the project;
  • Implementation and/or readiness for INSPIRE principles;
  • Level of fostering cooperation between different users (proof of visibility and/or user feedback);
  • Possibility of extension to other countries and regions.

More information at: http://www.esdinetplus.eu/get_involved/award_2009.html


Author: EARSC

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