Spot Image announces the opening of a new subsidiary, Spot Image Brasil, in Sao Paulo.

Hervé Buchwalter, Chairman and CEO of Spot Image, an EADS Astrium subsidiary, said: “We are opening Spot Image Brasil to accompany the strong growth in the geospatial information market in Brazil fuelled by the growing environmental challenges the country is facing.”

The new subsidiary will be headed by Pierre Duquesne, who has been in charge of distributing Spot Image products and services in Brazil since 2004. Spot Image Brasil thus becomes the company’s sixth subsidiary, joining Spot Imaging Services (Australia), Beijing Spot Image (China), Spot Image Corporation (United States), Tokyo Spot Image (Japan) and Spot Asia (Singapore). Spot Image Brasil will work closely with the established network of distributors in the country to be closer to users.

Spot Image has been supplying satellite imagery to the Brazilian authorities for many years in support of their conservation efforts, particularly in the Amazon. Spot Image Brasil will extend this partnership through its broad portfolio of optical and radar imagery to develop services meeting the growing requirements of its Brazilian customers. It is currently working with Astrium subsidiary Infoterra to put together a specific package of professional services for the farming sector based on applications of Earth-imaging technologies, especially for sugar cane growers as a result of increasing demand for biofuels.

Spot Image is a world-leading supplier of geospatial products and services derived from satellite imagery. The new subsidiary will be working with Spot Image’s partners in Brazil: Engemap, Gaiasat, Hiparc and Tecnomapas.

As the commercial operator of the SPOT satellites and a supplier of imagery from a range of other optical and radar Earth-imaging satellites, Spot Image has perfected the ability to harness space- and ground-based systems to meet users’ needs. Spot Image has also built up a global network of partners to bring geoinformation products and services to public -and private-sector decision-makers worldwide.

Spot Image is 81% owned by EADS Astrium subsidiary Astrium Services, of which it forms the Earth Observation division with Infoterra.

For more information, contact:
Spot Image
Corporate Communications
Phone: +33 (0)5 62 19 40 10

Author: EARSC

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