South Africa Gives the Green Light to Remote Sensing Software by Werum

Lueneburg, February 26 2009 – The Satellite Application Centre of South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has just ordered Werum’s remote sensing software DIMS-EO (Data and Information Management System for Earth Observation). This system controls processing workflows and manages, distributes and archives data and data products. It is the first time DIMS-EO will be taken into operation outside of Europe.

Processing, Distributing, and Archiving of Satellite Data
The CSIR has been recording and processing data from different satellites since the 1960s: The system gathers raw data and employs special software to transform them into digital data products, e.g. images of the earth’s surface or atmosphere. These data products are then made available to various South African institutions and agencies for use in a variety of applications, such as urban and traffic planning, environmental protection, disaster control, weather forecasts and agriculture.

DIMS-EO will provide an infrastructure that allows the CSIR to manage all incoming earth observation data in a single system. The format of the earth observation data depends on which satellite (satellite mission) it comes from. As multi-mission software, DIMS-EO can handle diverse formats. The DIMS-EO software also provides functions for commissioning and distributing data products. Authorized users have web-based access to finished data products or can easily commission the generation of new ones. DIMS-EO’s archiving function is also an essential feature of this software. The data archived at the CSIR Satellite Applications Centre go back to 1972 and amount to more than 100 terabytes. Until recently, these data were partly stored on magnetic tapes. DIMS-EO provides a consistent, digital solution for long-term archiving of data. A Product Library acts as both source and target for product generation, and data storage is based on a Storage Array Network (SAN).

Werum migrates legacy data onto the new system so that also the older records will still be available for future use. DIMS-EO takes full control of satellite data processing from start to finish: It receives raw data, processes them to generate finished data products, and then distributes these products and archives them for long-term storage.

Strategic Project for Remote Sensing Infrastructure
The CSIR is responsible for implementing and operating the South African Earth Observation System (SAEOS). The CSIR undertook extensive, worldwide research into strategies for modernizing its national remote sensing infrastructure before eventually deciding to go with DIMS-EO. “DIMS-EO is the most tried and tested, and the most mature system for multi-mission ground segments currently on the market. The Werum platform also gives us the flexibility to expand and adapt the software to possible future requirements,” says Wolfgang Lueck, Project Lead at CSIR Satellite Applications Centre. In addition, the organization employs its own in-house software solution for processing raw data, called SARMES (South African Resource Management and Expert System). SARMES processes raw data from a range of satellites including Spot, Landsat, CBERS, Ikonos and Quick Bird. The combination of SARMES and DIMS-EO enables the CSIR to automate processes for managing remote sensing data.

DIMS-EO came about as a result of collaboration between Werum and DLR
DIMS-EO was developed jointly by Werum and the German Remote Sensing Data Center, a division of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). As early as 1997, these two partners began working closely together on the development of scalable multi-mission models. Since 2004, Werum has had exclusive distribution rights for these components in the form of a finished software product. DIMS-EO’s multi-mission capability has been the key to its success in a number of installations at DLR and the European Space Agency ESA. At DLR, the system manages all remote sensing data, including data from the satellites MODIS, METOP, ENVISAT and TerraSAR-X. ESA makes use of DIMS-EO in applications such as product and processing management at six different locations, and it has migrated all its scientific missions to this platform.

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