The Geospatial Dimensions of Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Response White Paper Series

This paper, Infrastructure Interdependencies, is the first in a special White Paper Series entitled, The Geospatial Dimensions of Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Response. It is intended to provide geospatial practitioners with a summary of critical infrastructure interdependencies, reasons why understanding these relationships is vital to effective emergency response, and the important role geospatial technology, data and knowledge can play in addressing our infrastructure-related challenges.

In order to better understand and communicate how a failure or an event in one infrastructure sector may affect assets in other sectors, GITA’s Research Committee undertook an effort to define the “interdependencies of infrastructure.” The objective of this study was twofold: to establish the key connections among important parts of our overall infrastructure, and to respond to a membership call for applied research in response to recent natural and manmade

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Source DirectionsMag

Author: EARSC

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