SEOSAT/Ingenio Programme Industry Day – 17 November 2008 – CDTI, Madrid

The European Space Agency (ESA), on behalf of CDTI, would
like to inform Companies and Organisations/Research Institutes of a presentation of the SEOSAT/Ingenio Programme and its procurement opportunities on: 17 November 2008, in: Centro para el Desarollo Tecnolsgico Industrial (CDTI),
Cid 4, 28001 Madrid, Spain.

1. SEOSAT/Ingenio Programme
The SEOSAT/Ingenio Programme, fully funded by the Spanish Government and managed by CDTI is a national programme devoted to providing high resolution multi-spectral land optical images to different civil, institutional and government users. The programme is aimed to integrate all existing capabilities in Spain.
In July 2007 the Agency and CDTI signed and Assistance Agreement for the implementation phase of SEOSAT/Ingenio. According to such Agreement CDTI retains the overall programmatic and financial responsibility while ESA is in charge of the technical and contractual management of the Programme.

2. Procurement Plan Presentation
Following a competitive procurement process, the Agency and CDTI have selected EADS CASA Espacio (E) as the Prime Contractor for the Implementation Phase Contract for SEOSAT/Ingenio Space Segment.

The Industrial work has been kicked off, by means of a PATP, on the 30th of September 2008 and in the coming weeks it will proceed with the competitive procurement process in order to build up the remainder of the SEOSAT/Ingenio Industrial Team in compliance with the ESA Code of Best Practices, taking into account where applicable, the Assistance Agreement put in place between ESA and CDTI for the SEOSAT/Ingenio Programme, being entirely nationally funded by the Spanish Government.

While at a later stage each planned procurement would be announced on EMITS and, where foreseen on a EADS CASA Espacio (ECE) web-site ahead of the actual release of the related ITT, it has been considered by CDTI, ESA and ECE to inform as soon as possible candidate subcontractors of the various subsystems and equipment procurement opportunities as well as the overall procurement planning and procedure.

To this effect, an Industry Day will take place at CDTI’s premises in Madrid on 17 November 2008.

Further information, including the agenda and registration
information, is available under the following link:

Source EMITS, on ECE web-site and CDTI web-site

Author: EARSC

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