SARscape® 4.1 available now

Besides the support of the most current SAR satellites like RADARSAT-2 and Cosmo SkyMed the developer team takes especially the high expectations of the worldwide growing SARscape community in account. Therefore SARscape 4.1 offers a variety of new functionalities and an enhanced handling.

SARscape® now added to its comprehensive list of supported spaceborne data also the support of Cosmo SkyMed data & formats ( SSC, DGM, GEC and GTC products), and Radarsat-2 data & formats ( SLC, SGF, SCN, SGC, SSG, SPG, SGX and SCW products). Besides these sensors SARscape® 4.1 now also supports E-SAR airborne data.

The interferometry module will now support the use of data pairs made of one ENVISAT ASAR and one ERS acquisition as well as data pairs from single- and multi-polarisation acquisitions.

An improved version of the new Persistent Scatterers Module will be released in December 2008 and will then support TerraSAR-X and Cosmo SkyMed data additionally to the already existing ERS and ENVISAT sensor support.

In order to introduce non-experienced Remote Sensers the easiest way into the SAR domain, a SAR-Guidebook created by SAR experts is available at
The SAR-Guidebook will give you an interesting overview about how to generate SAR products and their use for different fields of interest. To help the users to achieve their aims faster and easier with SARscape® a renewed intuitive Online Help will be included in the 4.1 release.

The core module of SARscape®, including technical support from SAR experts, is available for 12,000 EUR. Research facilities and universities can take advantage of a fair discount model.

Since 2007 CREASO GmbH distributes the software solution SARscape® for ENVI with the help of its cooperation partner ITT VIS (except for India), while sarmap – in collaboration with Privateers and Aresys – ensures the high quality of all current and upcoming functionalities and the support of forthcoming sensors.
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About sarmap
Besides the development and commercialization of SARscape® – a modular set of functions dedicated to the generation of products derived from Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical data – sarmap’s main area of expertise is in the development and operationalisation of Earth Observation based products and services in the field of cartography, land displacements, agriculture, food security, and forestry

CREASO Creative Software Systems provides integrated software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers, and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. Together with its partners ITT Visual Information Solutions and sarmap the company supports more than 150,000 customers worldwide who use IDL, ENVI and SARscape to analyze data and imagery and deploy imaging applications. The products of CREASO are used in a variety of industries, including remote sensing, engineering, earth sciences, aerospace, physics, defence and intelligence, medical imaging, and oil and gas exploration. Combined with a host of support services including training, consulting and technical support, CREASO offers the most complete data visualization, image analysis and image processing solutions available. For more information please visit:

Talhofstraße 32A
D-82205 Gilching
Phone: +49-8105-378-0
Fax: +49-8105-378-300

For more information please contact Mrs. Mareike Kortmann
Tel. +49-8105/378-206

SARscape® is a registered trademark of sarmap. All other brand or product names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Author: EARSC

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