UNOSAT: Activation of the Space Charter

The Satellite Operations Board of the International Charter Space and Major Disasters granted UNOSAT (The UN operational satellite applications programme created by UNITAR and UNOPS) the privilege of requesting the activation of the Space Charter to better support UN users engaged in humanitarian operations.

This decision is illustrated in a letter from the Director of the Board in which he states that “UNOSAT has emerged as an important contributor in the activation and access of the Charter within the UN system (…) by facilitating almost all the submissions thus far (…)”.

This is an important recognition of the UNOSAT long standing role of intermediary with the humanitarian community and UNOSAT continuing work on user needs and requirements. UNOSAT had begun in 2003 a dedicate Humanitarian Rapid Mapping service that has been used in over 110 humanitarian emergencies.

UNOSAT expects that the new procedure for triggering the Space Charter for the benefit of UN actors will improve the efficiency of the work in support of the humanitarian community.

UN agencies and organisations at headquarters and in the field can call UNOSAT 24/7 emergency hotline (details on the UNOSAT website) or contact to request the triggering of the Space Charter, in addition to the activation of the UNOSAT Rapid Mapping service.

Author: EARSC

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