Germany’s Final SAR-Lupe Satellite Launched

The fifth reconnaissance satellite was launched from Plesetsk and the first contact between the control center at the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen and the satellite was established less than an hour after launch.
SAR-Lupe will provide high-resolution ground images to the German Ministry of Defense using five satellites positioned into three quasi-polar orbital planes.

“In terms of military policy, SAR-Lupe puts Germany eye to eye with other countries with respect to satellite-based reconnaissance capabilities,” Vice Admiral Wolfram Kühn, deputy of the inspector general of the German Federal Armed Forces and inspector of the Joint Support Service, said in a statement. “The system forms the basis for even closer collaboration between Germany and France, which commenced in January. In addition, we are able to contribute our own experience to plans for follow-up systems. All told, it ensures even better and effective involvement in international consultation and decision-making processes.”

OHB System developed the system for the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement and managed a consortium of European space technology companies on the project.


Author: EARSC

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