The GeoInformation Group Announces Urban 3D Building Blocks Database

This extensive database provides detailed building height information and outlines for 568 towns and cities across the UK and is available in standard GIS and CAD formats.

3D Building Blocks offers users the opportunity to model urban areas with minimal costs, time and effort. This innovative product provides immediate benefits to cost conscious developers looking to improve the presentation quality of urban development proposals and for like-minded government planning professionals requiring a readymade model of their city. It is ideal dataset for all projects that require a broader 3D urban landscape model.

Alun Jones, Managing Director of The GeoInformation Group, commented, “Until now developers, architects and planners have had to commission expensive and time consuming surveys to create architectural models for large city areas when the requirement was to simply show a single building or new development in the context of the wider city. Now 3D Building Blocks gives immediate access to town and citywide 3D buildings, to which users can add new designs or update specific buildings.”

3D Building Blocks is the product of three years of development and has already been successfully used by two global telecommunication companies to plan their network coverage of the UK. Architects, developers, planners and local authorities are now seeing the advantages this unique database brings to their work.

3D Building Blocks is captured and processed independently of any national mapping agency. Data sources include: Intermap NEXTMap, Cities Revealed LiDAR and Cities Revealed Modern aerial imagery, with further height measurements quantified by fieldwork and handheld laser measurements. Unlike the Cities Revealed Building Heights database, which provides height information linked to the building outlines in Ordnance Survey MasterMap™ data, the building block outlines within Cities Revealed 3D Building Blocks are separated by their height differences.

About the GeoInformation Group
The GeoInformation Group is a privately owned company based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in South Africa and partners in France and India. With over 7000 licensed users worldwide The GeoInformation Group is a leading provider of high-resolution orthorectified aerial imagery and geospatial information products. Its aerial imagery products are published under the brand name Cities Revealed. It also provides consultancy, training and mapping services to a broad array of professionals and has undertaken contracts to provide bespoke image databases across the world.

Author: EARSC

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