The INSPIRE Metadata editor is now available through the INSPIRE geoportal

This prototype editor allows users to create metadata that are compliant with the INSPIRE Implementing Rules as approved by the INSPIRE Regulatory Committee and the European Parliament. These Implementing Rules are now in the process of formal adoption (expected during the summer). The metadata created with this editor are also compliant with EN ISO 19115 and 19119, and have been successfully validated against the INSPIRE Geoportal Catalogue and other catalogue applications (for example Geonetwork).

The editor allows users to validate the metadata created and save the metadata record as an xml file on a local machine. This prototype is a proof of concept and is not expected to be used in an operational environment. Following the publication of the Implementing Rules in the 23 languages of the EU, other tools should be developed by industry and academia that will address different communities in their natural language, with a close integration with geographic information software to capture as much metadata as possible automatically.

The INSPIRE Metadata editor is now available through the INSPIREgeoportal

Any suggestions for improvements, and feedback on this editor should be sent to JRC


Author: EARSC

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