Jason-2 satellite targeted for launch on 20 June

6 June 2008

The launch of the Jason-2 ocean altimetry satellite scheduled for 15 June has been postponed.

This delay is due to weather-related problems integrating the spacecraft with the Delta II launch vehicle. Another reason for the delay is slippage of NASA’s preceding GLAST launch using the same type of launcher, ground crews and set-up.

The launch of Jason-2 is now planned for no earlier than 19 June and the new date will be announced as soon as it has been confirmed.

9 June 2008

After a windy weekend at Vandenberg the satellite is still not on top of the launcher – but the weather forecast for today has improved and an integration of launcher and satellite is now likely.

Today, experts will also be conducting detailed assessments to verify the status of the launch campaign vis-à-vis the schedule required for a launch on 19 June.

The preceding GLAST mission is looking good for a launch on 11 June – authorisation has been given for GLAST to fuel the second stage. This is following the solution to an anomaly on the GLAST launcher which will now be using the Flight termination batteries from OSTM/Jason-2 – which in turn will be using spare batteries that are currently under preparation before integration on the launcher.

For a June 19th launch date, the launch window will be open between 7:59 and 8:08 UTC (9:59 – 10:08 Darmstadt time).

10 June 2008

After a significant improvement in the weather conditions at Vandenberg Air Force Base yesterday, the launch team was able to integrate the satellite with the launcher.

Both are now waiting on the launch pad for a launch on 20 June. The preceding GLAST mission – using the same launcher type and crew – is scheduled to launch tomorrow 11 June.


Author: EARSC

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