Urban atlas: delivery of land use/cover maps of major European urban agglomerations

(27May2008). On 17 May 2008 the European Commission published a Call for Tender (ENTR/08/029) for the delivery of land use/cover maps of major European urban agglomerations. The deadline for submission of tenders is 11 July 2008.

This call for tender is a combined project of the Regional Policy DG and the Enterprise and Industry DG. The project will complement the Urban Audit with harmonised data on land use and land cover.

This project will provide a European overview of urban land use patterns and the possibility to track changes in the future, which so far has not been available.

The land use maps will also be of interest to the cities as they will be able to compare their land use patterns with that of other European cities. The Urban Atlas offers cities the further opportunity to build more detail on top of these maps, the so-called “downstream services.”

The Urban Atlas aims to become part of a sustainable GMES Core Service that is continuously updated to find acceptance and ownership by local users, both in the public and private domain. It has to be usable for a large number of downstream activities whose development it should stimulate.

Information on space activities can be found on http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/space_research

Description of the call can be found on http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/calls/calls.html#128492

Source GMES.Info

Author: EARSC

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