"Window on GMES": First issue of a publication on GMES

In a new publication “Window on GMES”, the vast palette of GMES services is illustrated through examples and interviews with key stakeholders. This publication is destined to key political makers, a broader sphere of users and the wider public.

“Window on GMES” is being published by the “BOSS4GMES”:
http://www.boss4gmes.eu/boss4gmes/Home.do consortium, a FP6 project. The BOSS4GMES project aims to provide the technical, financial and contractual assistance for the operational implementation of GMES.

The English version of the first issue has been presented at the Climate Change International Conference “Bridging the gap”, organised within the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union.

This first issue is available “here”: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/space_research/publications.htm

Source GMES.Info

Author: EARSC

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