Intermap Technologies Completes 3D Digital Mapping Data Collection for Western Europe

Intermap Technologies today announced that it has completed the data collection of its NEXTMap® Europe 3D mapping program. The company-funded initiative to collect approximately 2.2 million km2 across Europe began with Great Britain in 2003, continued with Germany in 2006, and was completed April 11, 2008. The Company’s NEXTMap Europe datasets include 18 Western European countries, including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The processing of the data is underway and is scheduled to be fully completed by March 31, 2009.

According to Brian Bullock, Intermap’s president and CEO, “this is a feat of tremendous significance. Never before has a commercial enterprise endeavored to collect a database of uniformly accurate 3D elevation data and orthorectified images of entire countries, let alone nearly half of a continent. A project of this magnitude is not only unheard of, it provides an enabling foundation for the development of a variety of applications that rely on high-quality and consistent elevation data.”

The NEXTMap Europe program will generate national datasets at unprecedented accuracy and detail that include 3D digital terrain models and digital surface models containing more than 80 billion elevation measurements. In addition, the datasets include black and white and color orthorectified radar images containing over 1.3 trillion pixels each. The Company is also creating contours, 3D road centerline geometries, and other high-resolution geospatial products as part of the program. The NEXTMap data is available directly from Intermap or through selected partners worldwide.

“European companies and governments, and international enterprises will benefit greatly by having access to such a comprehensive data set,” continued Mr. Bullock. “As initiatives mandated by the European Union affect companies across a wide range of industries and countries, we’re pleased to be in a position to meet their geospatial needs.”

The ever growing geospatial market will benefit from this new foundational layer in the areas of geographic information systems (GIS), environmental management, carbon emission reduction, fuel efficiency improvements, engineering planning, transportation, automotive, recreation, risk management for flood and windstorm damage, irrigation, telecommunications/wireless network planning, aviation safety, wind energy, 3D visualization, online virtual tours, topographic maps, and computer games.

The Company will continue its ongoing processing and editing of the collected data to produce commercially available datasets over the coming ten months. Additionally, the Company is continuing its collection, processing, and editing of its NEXTMap USA program, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. Once the U.S. is complete, the Company intends to expand its coverage to include the entire European Union.

About Intermap Technologies
Intermap (TSX: IMP.TO, AIM: IMAP.L) is a preeminent digital mapping company creating uniform high-resolution 3D digital models of the earth’s surface. The Company is proactively remapping entire countries and building uniform national databases, called NEXTMap®, consisting of affordably priced elevation data and geometric images of unprecedented accuracy. Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications emerge within the GIS, engineering, automotive, personal navigation device, insurance risk assessment, oil and gas, hydrology, environmental planning, wireless communications, transportation, aviation and 3D visualization markets. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 660 people worldwide, with additional offices in Munich, Prague, Calgary, Detroit, Jakarta, London, Ottawa, and Washington D.C. For more information, visit

NEXTMap® is a registered trademark of Intermap Technologies Corporation.

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Author: EARSC

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