The GeoInformation Group celebrates 10 years of innovation and success

Over the last ten years The GeoInformation Group has evolved from an aerial imagery specialist to become a well-respected supplier of value-added geographic datasets, and provider of world-class consultancy and training services. Innovation has been a driving force behind the company’s success; it has always strived to meet the needs of the professional market and to simplify access to high quality geographic information. The GeoInformation Group launched the first high-resolution aerial imagery dataset on CD, under the brand Cities Revealed. As an aerial imagery provider to Google Earth™ the company has played a key role in bringing aerial information to the general public.

Maintaining high quality standards has been integral to the company’s strategy. The suite of Cities Revealed geographic information products, including Modern and Historic aerial imagery, Near Infrared imagery, LiDAR surveys, Building Class, Land Use and Building Heights databases, and Thermal mapping offer clients highly consistent and complementary data solutions. Cities Revealed products are being used in a wide range of applications in both government and business. Since 1998 the company has seen many changes in the capture of aerial photography and has helped to set market expectation by producing 5cm resolution digital aerial imagery for a number of local government clients.

Education and awareness in the potential of geographic information has always been important to the company. Both Cassettari and Jones have a background in academia; Cassettari helped found the first undergraduate degree course in geographic information systems at Kingston University, whilst Jones was a lecturer in Remote Sensing. Today The
GeoInformation Group maintains its links with Kingston University as the marketing arm of the Distance Learning GIS course. In 2002 the company established Training4GIS, a dedicated training and consultancy division. Training4GIS is the organiser of the highly successful annual educational GeoDATA roadshow series. It also currently provides bespoke training programmes to Communities and Local Government and all of the British Fire Services.

Through a number of voluntary positions with associations and societies both Cassettari and Jones have become eminent figures in the industry. Jones is the immediate past chair of the Association for Geographic Information and is currently a committee member of the association; he has also sat on the board of the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies. Cassettari is a past President of the British Cartographic Society.

Over the last decade The GeoInformation Group has provided consultancy services to major blue chip companies, such as Vodafone and T-Mobile, central government and the media. The company has supplied high-resolution aerial imagery to BBC Sport for the London Marathon since 2004. It has also supplied Historic aerial imagery for a number of productions on the History Channel.

The future of The GeoInformation Group lies in its ability to adapt to change and to continue to lead the way with innovative products. Ever the pioneer, in its tenth year the company plans to launch a number of new and exciting geographic information products.

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About the GeoInformation Group

The GeoInformation Group is a privately owned company based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in South Africa and partners in France and India.

With over 7000 licensed users worldwide The GeoInformation Group is a leading provider of high-resolution orthorectified aerial imagery and geospatial information products. Its aerial imagery products are published under the brand name Cities Revealed.

It also provides consultancy, training and mapping services to a broad array of professionals and has undertaken contracts to provide bespoke image databases across the world.

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Phone: 44 1223 880077

Author: EARSC

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