First Satellite Application Facility (SAF) Products available via the EUMETSAT Archive

This first set of metadata describes the Off-Line Total Column/Ozone and Nitrogen dioxide from the Ozone Monitoring SAF, and the Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Downwelling Surface Longwave Fluxes (DSLF) from the Land Surface Analysis SAF.

Further improvements will follow with the integration of the remaining product metadata from the Land Surface Analysis and Ozone Monitoring SAF as well as metadata describing products from the other SAFs; the Climate Monitoring SAF, the GRAS SAF and the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF. In the case of the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF, the products themselves will be archived as well as the metadata.

The Archive web services are available from

With the Archive web services it is possible:
• To query the SAF products using Time and/or Region of Interest.
• To display the SAF Metadata and the corresponding product’s quick look (if available).
• To order the Product by choosing the user preferred media supported by the SAFs.

Further improvements on the Archive web services are:
• To display the geographic area in the search results.
• To display the geographic area of selected products on the Web Map Service (Globe).
• To discover geographic areas when using Region of Interest searches.
• Implementing occultation point handling for GRAS products.
• To display all SAF metadata when displaying product details.
• To display all quick looks provided by the SAFs.

Information on the SAFs Architecture can be found under: /Home/Main/What_We_Do/SAFs/Architecture/index.htm?l=en

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Extrated from EOPortal

Author: EARSC

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