SEA Starts Work On A European Space Contract Worth £12M

SEA’s BBR team, which has been working together for some time leading up to this award, is predominantly UK-based and includes the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and Sula.

SEA also has a smaller role on another of EarthCARE’s instruments, the Cloud Profiling Radar, which is being supplied for the mission by the Japanese Space Agency.

EarthCARE is the third of the European Space Agency’s Earth Explorer Core Missions and is aimed at improving the understanding of interactions between clouds, aerosols and radiation – three factors believed to be important in the understanding of global warming. The BroadBand Radiometer will serve to confirm the radiated energy estimates that will be derived from the profiles of clouds and aerosols measured by the other instruments.

Nick Prest CBE, Chairman of Cohort plc, commented: “This is another terrific win and underlines SEA’s strategic commitment to establish itself as an important UK supplier of spacecraft instruments.”

(Source SpaceNews)

Author: EARSC

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