The Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to promote the development of Integrated Applications using a combination of space capabilities and delivering new services to citizens.

In this context, an “Integrated Application” for a particular user group is a user-driven service delivering, on a routine basis, high quality and innovative information products, generated through the combined utilisation of space and non-space technologies. Routine services require sustainability which necessitates users/partners able to take over responsibility for delivering the service beyond the promotion phase. The aim of the IAP is to identify users/partners as early as possible in the overall process.

For Europe to obtain a maximum social and economic return from its space assets, providers of space-based services therefore must come to view the market consistently in terms of thematic uses rather than the major space technologies of Earth observation, satellite navigation and satellite telecommunications. Such satellite systems must be combined seamlessly and used optimally in conjunction with terrestrial systems if they are to deliver their potential for benefiting society. In the first instance, the following themes have been identified.

  • Space for Safety
  • Space for Health
  • Space for Development
  • Space for Energy

These themes presently have a different degree of maturity and other themes might be added during the course of the programme.

The process includes the following objectives

  • Promote the awareness of the space capability for new user communities and establish new partnership models.
  • Develop a systematic user-driven approach and new partnership for the development of new services and information system (incubator of new services).
  • Promote new applications based on the integration of data generated by several systems, space based and non-space based.
  • Organise open platforms to analyse cross links effects such as the impacts of climate changes on health.

The objective of the Information Day is twofold:

1. to inform industry (space and non-space) on the Integrated Application Promotion (IAP) initiative
2. to open a first dialog and develop interaction between industry and ESA

More info at ESA

Author: EARSC

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