Sentinel-1 will contribute to Earth Observation from 2011

The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the main contact for the Sentinel-1 satellite in February 2007 to Thales Alenia Space. Astrium is now due to supply the C-band radar for this Sentinel-1 satellite.

The satellite will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 700 kilometres from 2011. Its orbital path will take it across the poles on each orbit, enabling the radar instrument to be build to scan the Earth in “swaths”. Designed as a successor to the present satellites ERS and Envisat to assure continuity in radar-based Earth observation, Sentinel-1 will observe the Earth from orbit for at least seven years.

The radar on Sentinel-1 will operate in the C band frequency range with a beam which penetrates forests and scrub to reach the ground, and registers any movements or changes on the Earth’s surface to within a centimetre.

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Source GMES.Info

Author: EARSC

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