ANUSAT to help Anna University conduct leak-free exams

Anna University is constructing its own satellite ANUSAT to conduct not only leak-free exams but also to foster interest in Earth observation and space technology among students and faculty and to provide hands-on training for all aspects of spacecraft building and operations support.

With the development of this project, the varsity has become the first university in India to take up space technology with emphasis on micro-satellite development in its university engineering curriculum. The varsity will also be able to conduct the examinations in a fair manner. This (ANUSAT) would help Anna University to conduct leak-free examinations in all its affiliated colleges.

Once the satellite is operational, the question papers and information can be passed from one centre to the other under a highly secure line thus preventing the leak of examination papers. The question papers would be dispatched to the concerned centers within half an hour or an hour of the beginning of the examinations. Earlier this work had to be done manually over long distances. Besides serving this educational motive, the satellite will also be used by the Tamil Nadu Government to issue alerts during floods and fire calamities.

“We have 225 colleges affiliated to Anna University; ground stations can be set up at different locations for interconnectivity of these colleges. This will also ensure that examinations will be conducted properly,” said an official of the varsity.

The micro satellite’s engineering model has already been constructed in collaboration with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The engineering model will now go for a testing at Indian Satellite Application Centre, Bangalore. Once the testing part is over, the flight construction will start. The flight model is expected to be ready by March 2008.


Author: EARSC

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