Oracle Offers Database Customers Access To Satellite And Aerial Imagery From DigitalGlobe

“In today’s global business environment, we are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for Earth imagery and spatial technology in business applications,” said James Steiner, senior director, server technologies, Oracle. “Our relationship with DigitalGlobe will enable our end-users to incorporate spatial data and positional information from the world’s highest-resolution satellite and aerial imagery into mission-critical applications and decision support systems used by Oracle’s customers in commercial, public sector and regulated industries.”

Oracle Database 11g delivers the next generation of enterprise information management, helping customers tackle the demands of rapid data growth, changing environments, and the need to deliver higher quality of services while reducing and controlling IT costs. The location features in Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Spatial 11g enable Oracle to manage all data from traditional business information to XML and 3D spatial information and make it the ideal choice to power transaction processing, data warehousing and content management applications.

Via Oracle Spatial, DigitalGlobe will provide real-time access to its extensive image library for applications such as logistics, supply chain, mobile field services, business intelligence and asset management. With the release of Oracle Database 11g, DigitalGlobe allows advanced access to sample imagery data via OTN enabling Oracle customers to test-drive imagery in their business applications before making a purchase decision.

“DigitalGlobe maintains a strong commitment to providing a new level of decision support to our enterprise customers across all industries,” said Marc Tremblay, vice president and general manager of DigitalGlobe’s commercial business unit. “Our work with the Oracle Spatial team will provide a host of new capabilities to our DigitalGlobe and Oracle customers in the public sector and commercial markets. With integrated geospatial data from DigitalGlobe, Oracle customers now have a standardised way to easily include imagery in their decision support systems. This allows ‘image-enabled’ Oracle applications users to make faster and better-informed decisions from the applications that run their business.”

DigitalGlobe is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

About DigitalGlobe

Longmont, Colo.-based DigitalGlobe is the clear leader in the global commercial Earth imagery and geospatial information market as well as the only company operating a constellation of sub-meter commercial imaging satellites. The company’s technical superiority and innovation, unparalleled commitment to customer service, extensive business partner network and open systems philosophy make DigitalGlobe the preferred supplier of imagery products to government and commercial markets. DigitalGlobe is the only geospatial content provider to take an end-to-end approach to geospatial imagery, from acquiring proprietary high-resolution images through a leading-edge satellite and aerial network, to integrating and distributing that data through GlobeXplorer, a proprietary web-based search and retrieval system that makes it easy to find, purchase and download global imagery. DigitalGlobe currently operates the world’s highest-resolution commercial satellite constellation with QuickBird and the first of two next-generation satellites, WorldView-1. The company plans to complete construction of its second next-generation satellite, WorldView-2 in late 2008. The company’s updated and growing ImageLibrary contains more than three hundred million square kilometres of satellite and aerial imagery suited to countless applications for people who map, view, navigate and study the earth.

About Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database is the only database designed for grid computing. With the release of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle is making the management of enterprise information easier than ever; enabling customers to know more about their business and innovate more quickly. Oracle Database 11g delivers superior performance, scalability, availability, security and ease of management on a low-cost grid of industry standard storage and servers.

About the Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global business network of more than 19,500 companies who deliver innovative software solutions based on Oracle software. Through access to Oracle’s premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support, the Oracle PartnerNetwork program provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in today’s global economy. Oracle partners are able to offer their customers leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle’s position as the world’s largest enterprise software company. Partners who are able to demonstrate superior product knowledge, technical expertise and a commitment to doing business with Oracle qualify for the Certified Partner levels.

(source: DigitalGlobe)

Author: EARSC

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