PCI Geomatics develops a Geocor ProPack within Geomatica

PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of image-centric software and solutions for the geospatial industry, is pleased to announce the development of the Geocor ProPack, under the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP). The Geocor ProPack will be made available through PCI Geomatics as an add-on module to the Geomatica 10 software suite.

The objective of the EOADP project was to evaluate and implement the GEOCOR software, developed by Dr. Jack Gibson of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural Resources Canada. PCI Geomatics assessed the use of the software for Polarimetric SAR data, and then incorporated it into the programming environment, Geomatica. The software automatically extracts Ground Control Points (GCPs) by matching the raw image with reference vector data, either lines (usuallyroads) or polygons (usually lakes). In addition to the Polarimetric SAR data, the software works with the standard SAR images, and with the optical images.

“It is very gratifying to have software developed in a project move from a proof-of-concept stage into a product that is available for use by the Remote Sensing and GIS communities,” said Dr. Jack Gibson, Research Scientist, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural Resources Canada.

“The availability of accurate, automatically derived GCPs makes it possible to automate image orthocorrection workflows. This significantly speeds up the ingestion and further analysis of the remote sensing images,” said Juliusz Ostrowski, Senior Scientist at PCI Geomatics. “The Geocor ProPack will provide easy to use tools to produce more accurate results at reduced costs.”

Recently, there has been an increased demand for the usage of SAR, Polarimetric SAR and optical image data among research, natural resource and land management professionals, in conjunction with the improved availability and lower cost of the data.

For additional information on Geocor, visit http://www.pcigeomatics.com/pdfs/OE_Productivity_Suite.pdf

For more information about Geomatica 10, visit http://www.pcigeomatics.com/products/products_overview.html

About PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world-leading developer of geospatial software, specializing in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, cartographic production, and, more recently, automated production systems. Today, with our trusted Geomatica® brand, PCI Geomatics provides all the image-centric solutions necessary to meet the expectations of a large and expanding industry. Since 1982, the company and its reputation have continued to grow as a result of innovative leadership, strong technology partnerships, active geomatics community involvement, and a dedication to earn the trust of customers who use PCI Geomatics.

For more information, visit www.pcigeomatics.com


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Author: EARSC

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