Definiens Developer – the new face of eCognition in Earth Sciences

Definiens Developer is a powerful integrated development environment designed for the image analysis challenges the earth observation and remote sensing community is facing today. It facilitates the development of a vast range of image analysis applications.

We recently announced the pending retirement of Definiens Professional, and its merger with the Definiens Developer product line. Users holding a valid maintenance contract are able to obtain an upgrade for free, however, some users are so pleased with Definiens Professional that they ask: “why should I change my system?” The answer is quite simple: Definiens Developer offers all the functionality of Definiens Professional plus a lot more.

Definiens Developer incorporates many essential operations which, in prior versions, had to be executed in other systems. For example, if you need to compute a NDVI or a slope layer, you simply add an “image layer operation” process to your rule set. To generalize objects, you simply add a “morphology” process to your analysis.

The development of rule sets has also gotten much more user friendly. Icons enable you to quickly identify needed process components. Search and replace functionality allows rule set components to be quickly identified and exchanged. And improved viewing tools facilitate the assessment of results.

If you would like to understand more about Definiens Developer, we encourage you to simply download a trial version with a guided tour. For further information on the upgrade from Definiens Professional to Definiens Developer please click here.

“Definiens Developer is definitely more powerful and I am glad we made the move.” (Jarlath O´Neill Dunne, the University of Vermont, USA)

“I can only congratulate Definiens for merging the two products into one single package.” (Dr. Soeren Heese, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany)

Author: EARSC

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