SSE Service Providers Workshop 2-3 October 2007, ESA/ESRIN Frascati, Rome

ESA is operating since two years the Service Support Environment (SSE – ), which offers to EO (Earth Observation) Service and Data Providers alike the opportunity to prototype, test and provide simple or orchestrated EO and GIS related services, keeping full control of processes and IPR. ESA wishes to invite current and potential Service Providers to a dedicated workshop to draw lessons learnt from previous experiences and prepare the next activities to come.

On 2-3 October 2007 an SSE Service Providers workshop will be organised at ESRIN to enable Service Providers to meet and share their own experience.
The main areas that will be covered are:
1) Services technical integration issues (i.e. implementation of interfaces, workflow, portal stylesheets,…); the latest functionalities of SSE will be presented as well.
2) Service Providers experience presentations (i.e. operational services, success stories, tackled problems, ideas,…)
3) Promotion of SSE and its services, thanks to the contribution of a consortium appointed to define and implement the SSE Promotion plan for next 2007/2008 activities.
You can access the ESA calendar of events, where the SSE Service Providers workshop is listed:
or go directly to the SSE Workshop 2007 announcement web page:
Here you will find technical and practical information, including schedule and registration form.

SSE as a “neutral” instrument for prototyping and demonstrating services is a unique opportunity for:

* Moving from a “data centric” to a “service centric” vision
* Exploiting a ground segment interface extension tuned for service provision
* Widening business opportunities by
Maximising the reuse of previous developments
Reducing the investment necessary to test and demonstrate new services
Reaching and serving new niche markets with marginal investments
Promoting existing and new services through an additional, free-of-charge channel
* Offering richer or demanding services through horizontal cooperation with other service providers by
Concentrating own efforts on core business
Exploiting the complementary expertise of other service providers
Re-using common service elements

The new challenges – in particular set by the GMES perspective – require a much tighter cooperation across European and national initiatives and ESA is currently running projects aimed at integrating new EO services, from multiple sources and providers, into the SSE.
A new opportunity for services integration has been published on EMITS under SPACEBEL area, currently as Intended ITT (see, ENTITIES menu/SPACEBEL SA, Intended Invitations to Tender (ESA Programmes)).

We look forward to meeting you at the SSE Service Providers Workshop.

Author: EARSC

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