Summer 2007 Severe Events Requested Repeated Solidarity

The dramatic and severe events faced European- and worldwide during this summer by several countries – floods, fires, hurricanes – requested a repeated demonstration of solidarity.

The most recent one was offered to Greece. Seven fire-fighting Canadair planes supplied by France, Italy, Portugal and Spain helped Greece to combat the devastating fires as well as nine specialised helicopters. Further offers for help are still coming in from the members of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection (MIC) coordinated by the European Commission. This demonstration is the biggest offer of assistance to a Member State since the Mechanism was set up in 2001.

The International Charter for Space and Major Disasters recorded unusual high rates of requests for activation:

* Four activations in July
* Seven in August, among others on 21 August to provide Earth Observation satellite data for assessing the damage of Hurricane Dean in Belize and on 29 August upon request from the National Cadastral Organisation of Greece.

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Author: EARSC

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