ESA GlobModel Workshop

The GlobModel project workshop on Strengthening the Use of Earth Observation in Earth System Modelling, will be held from September 12-13 at ESAESRIN.

  • How can EO data play a more prominent role in Earth system modelling for scientific and operational applications?
  • What are the priority applications for future efforts?
  • How should the Development and Exploitation activities in EOEP-3 best be targeted?
  • What future role should ESA and other European institutions play?

The ESA DUE GlobModel project is investigating requirements and options for strengthening the use of EO in global modelling. As part of the project, a workshop is being held to consult with the user community and seek input into the recommendations from the study. Topics to be covered include:

  • The current state of the art, issues and challenges in EO data – model fusion
  • How ESA can help the Earth System Modelling community to fully exploit its EO missions
  • How best to achieve the transition from research to operations
  • What the priorities are for Development and Exploitation in the third phase of ESA’s Earth Observation Envelope Programme
  • Longer term plans for future European EO programmes

A draft of the GlobModel analysis report will be distributed in advance of the workshop to those who have registered. A draft agenda for the workshop is enclosed. There is no charge for attendance at the workshop, but advance registration is essential.

More information about the workshop, including an agenda can be found on the globmodel website.

Author: EARSC

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