Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland appoints The GeoInformation Group as first Licensed Partner

The GeoInformation® Group, publishers of Cities Revealed aerial photography, announce today its strategic partnership with OSNI (Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland).

For many years The GeoInformation Group have been providing Modern and Historic aerial imagery to the public sector in Northern Ireland. The partnership formed with OSNI will further expand the Cities Revealed geographic information portfolio, consultancy and training services into the Northern Ireland market. This partnership represents a shared commitment to achieve consistency in the accuracy and delivery of geographic information. Clients will benefit from high quality geographic information that compliments and is consistent with OSNI mapping.

OSNI has facilitated a major leap forward in the use of geographic information within the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) with the implementation of The Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA). Over a period of three years, NIMA is to make geographic information freely available at the point of use within the NICS.

The dissemination of geographic information into NICS has helped OSNI to achieve its long-term corporate objective of financial sustainability. To maintain this position OSNI must seek to fully embed the use of its data at corporate, strategic and decision making level within the NICS departments. To achieve corporate buy-in within the public sector and to fully realise the potential of geographic information within the private sector in Northern Ireland, OSNI has developed the Accredited Licensed Partner programme.

Earlier this year, as part of the accreditation process, The GeoInformation Group, along with other potential partners, attended a rigorous two-day seminar at OSNI HQ in Belfast. Following this OSNI appointed The GeoInformation Group as its first Licensed Commercial Partner. Crawford McIlveen, OSNI Commercial Manager, commented, �?OSNI is delighted to welcome The GeoInformation Group as our first accredited licensed partner. We look for to developing a close working relationship which will enable us to improve access to and increase the use if geographic information across the public and private sectors in Northern Ireland.�?

About the GeoInformation Group

The GeoInformation Group is a privately owned company based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in South Africa and partners in France and India. With over 7000 licensed users worldwide The GeoInformation Group is a leading provider of high-resolution orthorectified aerial imagery and geospatial information products. Its aerial imagery products are published under the brand name Cities Revealed. It also provides consultancy, training and mapping services to a broad array of professionals and has undertaken contracts to provide bespoke image databases across the world. A reputation underlined by the inclusion of The GeoInformation Group as an approved supplier of Geographical Services to Central Government within the S-Cat procurement scheme.

Author: EARSC

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