e-geos (Telespazio S.p.A.)

e-geos is a company between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) (20%) and Telespazio (80%), a Finmeccanica/Thales company. The company will be a leading player in the geo-spatial business at international level through a combined offering of application solutions, content and services.

e-GEOS offers a whole range of products and activities in Earth observation, from data acquisition and pre-processing to application solutions for key vertical markets including defence, emergency & security, agriculture & forestry, cadastre, environmental protection, oil & gas, utilities and industries.

In order to achieve this position, the company will leverage its existing and future application know-how, exploit its exclusive access to selected key data sources, including SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and VHR (Very High Resolution) optical satellites as well as innovative airborne sensors, and foster the creation of an international network of companies and partners. e-GEOS’s mission is mainly to promote and sell on the international market the applications of COSMO-SkyMed, ASI and the Italian Defence Ministry’s Earth observation programme.

For these activities e-GEOS will benefit from the presence of its major shareholders: Telespazio on the industrial side and ASI on the institutional side.
To this end, e-GEOS can rely on the specific know-how and market presence of the various companies within the Telespazio Group, such as GAF, Aurensis, Eurimage, Telespazio Argentina and others to come, further developing synergies and competitive advantages in the product chain, and for Market development at international level.

Product and Services

The COSMO-SkyMed constellation provides and guarantees radar data acquisition both day and night, and under all weather conditions. e-GEOS will use COSMO-SkyMed products to offer superior near-real-time monitoring services and large area mapping capabilities in combination with its already existing product and service portfolio.

COSMO-SkyMed represents a tremendous competitive advantage in this respect, as it will open up a new era of operational applications in many market segments, fostering the development of new and attractive business opportunities.

This will be essential in the framework of the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) programme, into which ESA and the EU are ploughing significant investment in order to achieve the full self-sustainability of the future satellite systems.

Maritime Surveillance
Digital Elevation Models


COSMO-SkyMed, one of the most innovative Earth Observation programmes, is financed by the Italian Space Agency, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Scientific Research. The COSMO-SkyMed system involves a constellation of four satellites equipped with radar sensors that can operate under any weather conditions, visibility and with very short revisiting time.

COSMO-SkyMed was conceived as a dual-use programme intended to meet civil (environment and civil protection) and defence objectives (surveillance).

The overall features of the system allow it to interoperate with other systems and to be used within the context of international agreements.

In particular, COSMO-SkyMed will be able to meet the stringent operating requirements of GMES (Global Monitorino for Environment and Security), the European Union and ESA’s programme.

Technical Overview
• Constellation of 4 radar satellites
• High orbit altitude (620 Km)
• 1.7 ton satellite
• High revisit frequency
• Active array X-Band antenna with steerable beam
• Wide band width (400MHz)
• High geo-location accuracy
with worldwide fiducial GPS network
• Wide incidence angle (20º– 59º)
• Right & left looking acquisition
• Large memory capacity (300 Gb)

Legal office:Contrada Terlecchie, 75100 Matera, Italy
Headquarters: Via Cannizzaro,71, 00156 Roma, Italy

e-GEOS Partners:
Principal shareholders: ASI – 20% and Telespazio – 80%

Author: EARSC

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