ICube-SERTIT or SERTIT is a remote sensing service within the University of Strasbourg having recently integrated ICube Laboratory as an applications platform. SERTIT was founded with the arrival of the SPOT programme. SERTIT produces geo-information from EO data delivering products in natural resources monitoring, land management, urban planning, environmental survey, plus natural disaster and risk management. SERTIT has a multi-disciplinary team and is both an R&D centre and a service provider accompanying the French and ESA satellite development (now Sentinels) programs being PI for many space agencies.
SERTIT is a pioneer in the rapid mapping of natural disasters, the service covering close to 170 activations worldwide since 1996. Throughout, SERTIT has pushed for operational services starting with the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters”, helped by ESA and CNES R&D programs and GMES/Copernicus ESA and European Commission programs. Emergency response services are still a major axis within SERTIT involving continuous development. Today, SERTIT is a key European Rapid Mapping (RM) actor and is involved in the EC Copernicus Emergency Management Services collaborating within the e-GEOS led consortium. The RM service is ISO9001 certified.
SERTIT has a very active forestry service being involved in R&D work and providing services since 2000 to the forestry sector.
In the bio-diversity field SERTIT has mapped for many years the cropland habitat of the endangered common hamster and ecological corridors in Alsace.
SERTIT also works on 3D satellite and drone applications and is leading the A²S project (Alsace Aval Sentinelle), focusing on value added production from large Sentinel data fluxes.
With the advent of the ESA Sentinel satellite constellation currently SERTIT is heavily involved in developing land surface monitoring services exploiting these data.
Finally, SERTIT is often involved in promoting the use of EO imagery in French Ministries, national institutions and local authorities.

Author: EARSC

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