Metria AB

Metria offers services in the field of geographical IT. The focus of Metria’s operations has for many years been on helping customers to collect, process and use geographical information.

Metria employs some 300 personnel in 35 towns and cities in Sweden, and has annual sales of SEK 500 million. The largest customers are for the most part in the public sector, banking and insurance, forestry and energy, and telecommunications.

Metria has at its disposal a wide range of resources for geographic data capture, data processing and refinement and for system development within geographic IT. Metria’s data capturing services include satellite imagery from all the commercially available sensors and digital aerial photography Metria is also a service provider, whose focus is on the operational use of remote sensing and GIS techniques for environmental and forestry applications as well as security-related aspects. Metria is presently involved in several projects, from local to international level, of relevance to GMES.

The activities include the use of remote sensing and GIS for mapping as well as change detection (time series). We participated in four GMES Service Element; GSE Forest Monitoring, GSE Land, GSE Risk-EOS, GSE RESPOND and are currently involved in the FP 7 projects geoland 2 and SAFER.

Author: EARSC

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