GeoVille GmbH

GeoVille Information Systems is an internationally operating consulting company based in Innsbruck, Austria. The company provides consultancy, services and products in the geo-spatial domain. GeoVille specializes in remote sensing and GIS applications as well as multimedia and web spatial data presentation.

During its operational period, GeoVille has been able to establish a broad international customer base and successfully participated in more than 250 national, European and international projects.

GeoVille??s customers stem from private industry sectors, public organisations and research institutes. GeoVille is dedicated to providing a wide range of value added services for remotely sensed data and GIS applications.

The GeoVille team has experience and expertise in managing and executing national and international projects. At present, GeoVille is employing a staff of 50 experts and consultants graduated in Earth sciences and Informatics from various universities.

GeoVille uses leading edge GIS and image processing software and provide consultancy, processing and development capabilities for software components from major GIS and remote sensing software vendors.

Author: EARSC

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