GEOSYSTEMS Polska Sp. z o.o.

GEOSYSTEMS Polska Ltd. is remote sensing/photogrammetry and LIS/GIS consultancy and laboratory involved in various types of geographic data processing, spatial analysis and geovisualisation. The main areas of expertise include:

  • Satellite Image Mapping, Thematic Mapping and Rapid Response Mapping (Environmental Applications, Forestry, Agrometeorology, Watershed Management, Spatial Planning, etc.)
  • Land Cover/Use Classification (Information Extraction, Interpretation, Terrain Analysis)
  • Geographic Information Analysis of Raster and Vector Data (Spatial Analysis/Modeling)
  • Creation of Digital Terrain Models (Softcopy Photogrammetry)
  • Automatic Digital Map Composition (Hardcopy Map Output)
  • ARC/INFO Vector Updating (Using Imagery as a Backdrop Information)
  • Imaging GIS Application (virtual reality+) and Visualisation of Terrain Information (draping vector and raster data over a terrain height model, accessing atribute information for spatial analysis, real-time 3-dimensional geovisualisation and fly-through of the proposed site, etc.).
  • PDA Car Navigation and Monitoring Systems

GEOSYSTEMS Polska is an official distributor of Leica Geosystems software in Poland and authorised distributor of satellite imagery from such vendors as: RADARSAT (Radar imagery), SPOT Image (SPOT), EUROMAP (IRS, LANDSAT), Space Imaging EU (IKONOS), Digital Globe (QuickBird), KIBERSO (TK-350, KVR-1000)

GEOSYSTEMS Polska Ltd. has been involved in several international and domestic R&D projects. Some of them are listed below:

  • Land cover/use mapping of the Baltic Region
  • Land cover/use mapping for the whole Poland based on Landsat TM multispectral classification
  • DTM & DEM generation for mobile phone companies
  • Resolution merge as a mean to improve classification results
  • PHARE MERA project (extension of JRSISPRA activities in remote sensing of agriculture, forests and land degradation to central Europe)
  • Service provider of Global Monitoring and Environmental Security (GMES)
  • Service Element (SE) ?± Forest Monitoring (FM) for Polish governmental institutions
Author: EARSC

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