IEEE-SA Seeks Volunteer Members for Work on Earth Observation Standards

The IEEE Committee on Earth Observations Standards working group (ISWG) is seeking volunteers to participate in standards-related tasks designed to progress the Group on Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). The IEEE is one of more than 40 international organizations that are part of GEOSS óa global Earth Observation System that, over the next decade, will revolutionize the understanding of Earth and how it works.

IEEE has been given the lead for GEOSS standards development. Action items include the development and maintenance of an online registry of related standards, the creation of a standards and interoperability forum for introduction of standards not in the registry or new standards needed, and the coordination of international standards organizations involved in the project.

The ISWG is looking for IEEE volunteers who possess knowledge and have experience with a broad range of standards related to earth observations and data systems that process, archive and distribute them. Individuals who are interested in participating or have further questions can contact Jay Pearlman or Siri Sodha.


Author: EARSC

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