EARSC gives to Members a powerful voice in Earth Observation policy. We hope that our professional network and external events develop an authoritative position paper on important Earth Observation policy issues and a trusted information resource for the media on all subjects relating to sustainable development.

EARSC focuses on the governance and policies of the Association, on the working groups and opportunities on external events for active member participation.

EARSC also organises meetings throughout the year for the benefit of its members where policies and programs are proposed by standing BoD working groups. The Board meets around four times a year and, additionally, at the AGM held in Brussels each June. Usually, the AGM includes addresses by one or more keynote speakers in the remote sensing field.

EO industry survey

We are very pleased to be able to share with you the results coming from the survey we conducted into the state and health of the European EO services industry. To all those who participated, we would like to thank you for your time and effort.

  • Industry Survey Full Report Sept2013 © EARSC.pdf
  • EO Industry Survey Executive Summary Sept2013 © EARSC.pdf

GMES and Data: Geese and Golden Eggs

Study on free and open data policy which provides evidence that a policy of PSI (Public Sector Information) Reuse can not only be the most effective way to help the industry develop but that is also the most attractive from an economic perspective. Report and Presentation can be downloaded here

  • Open Data Study Final Report .pdf
  • EARSC FODP workshop presentation.pdf


EOpages is a brokerage platform to help potential customers find suppliers whilst service providers will be able to promote their products.


Ogeo-portal is the forum for information exchange between the oil and gas and geoinformation communities.

eoVox, an opportunity for companies to voice their viewpoint on the future of the European and Canadian EO service industry.

eoVox Report T1 – Analysis of Industry Issues.pdf
eoVox Report T2 – Analysis of Scope for Representation.pdf
eoVox Report T3 – Analysis of Services.pdf
eoVox Report T4-1 – Analysis of Rep Mechanisms.pdf
eoVox Report T4-2 – Representation Brochure.pdf
eoVox T5 – Position Paper.pdf
eoVox T5 – Declaration.pdf
eoVox T5 – Business in Earth Observation eoVOX080508.pdf
eoVox T5 – Workshop

Author: EARSC

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