• EARSC holds a unique place in the co-operation with European Commission on a number of activities concerning Earth Observation links between EO actors. Particularly relevant is the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) initiative, where EARSC participates in the different GMES Working Groups and Plenary meetings and Space policy Consultation workshops,
  • EARSC provides an industrial view to European Space Agency on the future directions of data and data application policy, particularly with respect Earth Observation Envelope Programme market development,
  • EARSC coordinates workshops that present their findings to key public opinion leaders,
  • EARSC fosters relationships with the media and the public to give them a better understanding of how remote sensing programs benefit the European ‘s economy, security, technological growth and sustainable development,
  • EARSC coordinates expert testimony and information presented to Congress.

More information on achievements at the EOnotes Section

Author: EARSC

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