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Formed in 1989, we are a Brussels-based, non-profit-making organisation, with members from throughout Europe, actively involved in coordinating and strengthening the EO chain and promoting the European geo-information industry. We have a small secretariat based in Brussels, a board of directors to oversee the activities and determine the strategy of the Association and working groups that deal with specific topics.

EARSC is open to full and observer members with an interest in using or providing services delivering information based on observations of the Earth and its environment from any platform; satellite, aircraft or UAV.

The full members of EARSC are companies supplying services in the growing market for the exploitation of EO data. Their main activities are acquiring and supplying data from satellite or airborne platforms and /or their conversion into geo-information products suitable and accessible for their clients.

Observer members can be any other organisation in Europe or world-wide with an interest in Earth Observation and a wish to become a member of and follow the activities of the EARSC Community.

The Association maintains close links with key European Institutions, including the European Commission, European Parliament, European Environment Agency and other agencies, Eumetsat, the European and  National Space Agencies, as well as global bodies such as GEO (Group on Earth Observations), providing a unified voice on wider European and global issues of importance to the industrial sector.

EARSC also maintains connections with a number of other umbrella organisations at European and National levels. We work with Eurogi (as an observer member), Eurisy, Eurospace, NEREUS in Brussels and with National Associations where they exist. Where no national association exists we sometimes also act on behalf of a national cluster of companies to help them with national policy, strategies and networking.

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