GMES Atmosphere Service Implementation Group

The GMES atmosphere implementation group (IG) has been established and held its first constitutive meeting on 18 June 2007 in Brussels.

The GMES atmosphere implementation group (IG) has been established and has held its first constitutive meeting recently. Members of the group are: Ph. Waldteufel (IG Chair, CNRS, FR), L. Bozo (HMS-HU), G. Braathen (WMO, NO), H. Grassl (MPI-DE), T. Haigh (EEA, UK), A. Kobe (DG ENV, SE), E. Liljas (SHMI-SV), L. Ramirez (CIESAT-ES), D. Swaart (RIVM-NL).

The IG has established its working practices by adopting its mandate and its workplan during the meeting. Thus, the IG will, in open cooperation with the relevant user community(ies), be in charge of providing guidelines and recommendations regarding the implementation of the atmosphere pilot service, and of reporting on the progress of its activities to the GMES management structure. In particular, the IG intends to address issues related to scope, functionality/architecture, links between core and downstream services, space and in situ observation infrastructure, governance, validation of services and funding.

In order to support the work of the IG, four working groups will be formed to address issues of scope, governance & architecture, space and in situ infrastructures.

After the delivery of its final report foreseen for summer 2008, the IG should monitor the implementation of its guidelines and recommendations, especially regarding the technical development and operational assessment of the Core Service and the elaboration of its governance.

The next meeting of the IG is planned for 4th October 2007.

Author: EARSC

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