International GIS Crime Mapping Conference

International GIS Crime Mapping Conference September 24 – 26, 2007 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

The fields of GIS and crime mapping present a very exciting opportunity for police forces, government bodies, councils and community partnerships. The added functionality of GIS over computer mapping, and recent developments in GIS and spatial analysis applications have significantly improved analysis of crime, increasing the capabilities of crime fighting and thus impacting on the reduction of crime itself.

IQPC is proud to bring together the worldís leading GIS experts at this important meeting, which provides an unrivalled platform to assess the developments in the field, and will offer new insights on how to extract the most potential that GIS crime mapping can offer.

Spencer Chainey from University College Londonís Jill Dando Institute (UK) is one of the pioneers in the field of crime mapping and will speak about the progression of crime mapping necessary to add further value to analysis and intelligence development.

The UK Home Office will be discussing the most recent development to the Crime & Disorder Act Review of 2006. They will provide you with methods for effective data sharing and mapping for you to ensure complete buy-in from partner agencies.

Cl·udio Beato, leading Political Scientist at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) works with the Brazilian Police Force to create community projects across Brazil to reduce crime. Cl·udio is using GIS and prevention projects to control homicide in urban centres demonstrating how effective his work has proven to be.

Dawie van Vuuren from Metro GIS (South Africa) utilises GIS for disaster management. Dawie will discuss the imminent arrival of The World Cup, 2010 and will explain how you can use GIS to plan for and prevent major disasters, and minimise risk when incidents occur.

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Author: EARSC

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