Spot Image unveils online store and library for Spot and Formosat-2 imaginery

SPOT Image Corp. unveiled its new web-based e-commerce portal on June 19th, which it is calling SPOT Online Access. The new website allows customers to peruse, purchase and download the company’s satellite imagery online. The service currently offers data from the SPOT and Formosat-2 satellites but will soon be expanded to incorporate other satellite and aerial geo-spatial data. The website is divided into two parts, the Online Store, where customers can purchase online extracts of high-quality 2.5-meter resolution ortho-rectified imagery (‘SPOTMaps’), and the Online Library, where users can access, manage and share geo-spatial data. SPOTMaps offers 2.5-meter resolution, natural-color, country-wide ortho-mosaicked images of France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg. All the imagery dates from the past three years and was collected by the SPOT 5 satellite. SPOT Image plans to continuously update and add new country-wide image mosaics to the site, as they are available. SPOT Online Access is unique as it allows users to focus on their own area of interest (AOI). In just a few clicks of the mouse, a customer can delineate their preferred AOI in any size or shape and have the image delivered within minutes. Currently, SPOT Online Access is only available to U.S. customers but should be available worldwide shortly.

Author: EARSC

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