Definiens Bridges the Gap between Remote Sensing and GIS

Definiens, the number one Enterprise Image Intelligenceô company, today unveiled its Definiens Extension for ArcGISÆ. Highlighted on the opening day of the 27th ESRI User Conference in San Diego, this extension allows organizations to combine ESRIís leading geographic information system (GIS) technology, ArcGISÆ, with the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligenceô Suite of products to better leverage the value of information contained in earth observation and remote sensing images. Having joined the ESRI business partner program as an ArcGIS Integration Partner, Definiens provides a simple-to-use iterative workflow for the ArcGIS environment to enrich GIS applications with additional intelligence from images, producing accurate and detailed map data in a standardized and cost-efficient way.

ìMost GIS applications available today cannot exploit all the information contained in images. Extracting information and fusing it with geospatial data has been simply too difficult and time consuming. Combining GIS information management with intelligent, highly automated context-based image analysis brings remarkable benefits to GIS users. The integration between Definiens and ESRI saves organizations time and resources while unlocking the value of the rich information residing in remote sensing and earth observation images,î commented Rene Hermes, Vice President of Marketing at Definiens.

Definiens Extension for ArcGIS supports GIS users by improving their efficiency, providing deeper insights and faster mapping capabilities. This technology provides organizations with an advanced, out-of-the-box solution for fast and intelligent feature extraction, object recognition and change detection. In addition, data management connectivity enables Definiensí applications to interact directly with the geodatabase. ESRI customers can enrich their GIS applications with detailed, accurate and area-wide geospatial information from all modern remote sensing sensors such as aerial, satellites, SAR, Lidar and hyperspectral sensors, etc.

With a simple and efficient workflow, users can now easily access Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite of products for highly automated image analysis capabilities, without leaving the ESRI environment. No time consuming file exchange or post-processing of automatically extracted features is necessary. The workflow is ideal for the modular design of automated image analysis applications and delivers more robust and transferable analysis results.

The connection between ESRI and Definiens optimizes the use of digital geospatial images and enables the sharing of standardized results with different departments and individuals. Experts gain increased insights that support the decision-making processes by being able to share image analysis results and fusing them with additional geospatial information across different areas.

Broadly available in July 2007, Definiens Extension for ArcGIS supports all Desktop ArcGISÆ products; ArcViewÆ, ArcInfoÆ and ArcEditorô. It also extends the functionality of ArcCatalogô and ArcMapô with automated image intelligence applications.

Definiens in Earth Sciences

Definiens enables organizations involved in Earth Sciences to quickly extract accurate geo-information, ready for use in GIS, from earth observation and remote sensing imagery. Definiensí intelligent feature extraction capabilities accelerate mapping, change detection as well as object recognition and deliver standardized, reproducible image analysis results.

About Definiens

Definiens is the number one Enterprise Image Intelligence company for analyzing and interpreting images on every scale, from microscopic cell structures to satellite images. The Definiens Cognition Network TechnologyÆ, developed by Nobel laureate Prof. Gerd Binnig and his team, is an advanced and robust technology designed to fulfill the image analysis requirements of the Life and Earth sciences markets. The technology is modeled on the powerful human cognitive perception processes to extract intelligence from images. Definiens provides organizations with faster image analysis results, allowing deeper insights enabling better business decisions. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has offices throughout the United States. Further information is available at

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Vice President Marketing
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Nina Wenske
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Author: EARSC

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