Rapid post-disaster mapping to mark GMES progress

European civil protection and humanitarian aid units could soon have access to a rapid mapping service available at any time and in any place in the world.

This service óto be delivered as part of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiativeó would consist of two types of maps: reference maps, to be available within 6 hours from the disaster, and damage assessment maps, to be available within the next 18 hours.

The service is to be funded via a new preparatory action (EUR 3 million in 2008) proposed by the Commission in the context of the 2008 Preliminary Draft Budget, adopted on 2 May. It would not only allow research efforts to come to operational fruition in the specific case of rapid mapping, but is also expected to have a federation role with a view to a gradual move of all GMES services from purely research activities towards market innovation.

By proposing this preparatory action, the Commission has marked its intention to move before 2011 to a fully-fledged GMES programme. Before the new service becomes reality, however, the European Parliament and the Council will have to finally approve the 2008 budget by the end of this year. The next step in the procedure is the adoption of the Draft Budget in July.

(Source GMES.Info)

Author: EARSC

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