5th GSE Co-location Meeting, 6 – 7 March 2007

The meeting focussed on the transition of service management from ESA
GSE to the EC GMES Fast Track/Pilot Services and the Seventh Framework
Programme. This included consideration of issues associated with this
transition such as, current service status (coverage, number of users,
validation), the extent to which services can fit within the
core-downstream architecture of the FP7 GMES work plan, continuity of
services that fall within the scope of the later FP7 call on Downstream
Services, data access conditions, and preservation of existing Service
Level Agreements.

The Co-location was organised as presentation and discussion
sessions on FP7, followed by splinter sessions for each of the Fast
Track Services. A splinter session on the Atmospheric Pilot Service was
also organised.


Co-location outputs




GSE Information Day – 08 March 2007

The Information Day was organised to provide national delegations with
more detailed information on how each consortia planned to transfer
their service portfolios into the Fast Track/ Pilot Core and Downstream

In addition, DG Enterprise and ESA outlined the current status of the
cooperation for transferring the GSE services into the FP7 GMES work
plan and the issues remaining that still have to be resolved.

Splinter Summary Marine

Splinter Summary Land

Splinter Summary Emergency

Splinter Summary Atmosphere


International Polar Year Presentation

Other Information

Author: EARSC

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