NEW DATES: Barcelona Conference for Local & Regional Authorities

Please note that in order to better fit the European Agenda, the dates of the Eurisy Conference “Future Challenges for Local and Regional Authorities: How can Space Technology help?” have been changed from 16/17 April to 29/30 May.
The updated announcement can be downloaded here. A summary of the event is provided below.
Local and Regional Authorities are invited to be actively involved in the setting up of new local services based on global space applications
Eurisy is carrying out a three-year programme aiming at providing a forum to representatives from Regions and Cities throughout Europe to discover new services based on space applications, share on their practices, challenges and issues, meet with service providers and institutions, and propose evolution for the future services, based on their own requirements.
Within this framework, a first Conference entitled “Future Challenges for Local and Regional Authorities: How can Space Technology help?”, will be held in Barcelona on 29 and 30 May 2007.
Speakers from Regions and Cities will discuss the challenges they face (such as Monitoring of the natural environment, pollution, land use, real estate, traffic management, tracking of goods and people, natural disaster management, etc), and the services they can use to respond. The Service industry will be present to provide solutions and demonstrations.
Follow up workshops will be held around Europe on specific themes. The overall programme will enable a feed back to European decision makers on the reality of the implementation of the services by Local and Regional users.
To download the Second Announcement, click here 
(Source EURISY
Author: EARSC

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