ESA Earthnet Online – EO Applications Directory completely renewed

SAís Earthnet Online Web Team announces the complete renewal of the Earth Observation (EO) Applications Directory. For each of eight main Fields of Application, latest Projects, related Documentation, past and future Workshops, applicable Data Products and more can be found.

Earthnet Online is the European Space Agency’s web portal for scientific information related to Earth Observation. The web portal provides a vast amount of content covering over a decade of Earth Observation missions, with detailed technical information on satellites, sensors, and data products. Earthnet Online also offers resources such as software, image catalogues, an online library and workshop proceedings. These features have now been completed with an entirely renewed EO Applications section.

Aimed at Earth Observation Data Users, but addressing organisations and individuals with a specific interest in EO as well, Earthnet Online also provides latest technical news on ESA and Third Party EO satellite missions, and integrates micro-sites dedicated to the Envisat and ERS satellites.

Together with the EO Help Desk and the EO Principal Investigator Portal, Earthnet Online provides services to the scientific community for access to EO data via the distributed multi-mission ground segment.

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Source: ESA – Earthnet Online.

Author: EARSC

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