GEONETCast is a global network of satellite based data dissemination systems providing environmental data to a world-wide user community. The current partners within the GEONETCast initiative include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and EUMETSAT, as well as many prospective data provider partners.
Aim of GEONETCast
GEONETCast is a milestone in the emerging Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) that is being coordinated by the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO), and is designed to put a vast range of essential environmental data at the fingertips of users around the globe. This user-driven, user-friendly and low-cost information dissemination service aims to provide global information as a basis for sound decision-making in a number of critical areas, including public health, energy, agriculture, weather, water, climate, natural disasters and ecosystems. Accessing and sharing such a range of vital data will yield societal benefits through improved human health and well-being, environment management and economic growth.
Within the existing framework, GEONETCast is already partially realising this goal with environmental data exchange and data delivery available in Europe, Africa and the Americas. An additional data exchanged is now being established covering the Asia Pacific region.
The following products and services are being made available to the GEONETCast user community:
* Meteosat image data
* GOES East and West image data
* FY-2 image data
* Land and Ocean Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (SAF) products
* EUMETSAT meteorological products
* NOAA-NESDIS meteorological products
 * NOAA-NESDIS Ocean colour and sea surface temperature products
 * VEGETATION products from VITO
* MODIS Ocean colour products
* In-situ and observational data
GEONETCast Infrastructure
The conceptual idea of a global GEONETCast implementation is that several regional centres take on the responsibilities for establishing a satellite based regional dissemination system – based upon Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology – and provide complementary services to a common user community.
GEONETCast Broadcast Streams
EUMETCast : EUMETCast is the EUMETAT contribution to GEONETCast with coverage over Europe, Africa and the Americas. EUMETCast established since 2004 has over 2000 registered reception stations with over 1600 users already benefiting from the environmental data it provides.
FengYunCast : FengYunCast is the China Meteorological Administration??s contribution to GEONETCast. FengYunCast utilises the AsiaSat 4 satellite beam to broadcast data and products to a user community in the Asia Pacific region.
GEONETCast-Americas: A future broadcast, covering the Americas, currently being planned by NOAA.
Key GEONETCast Satellite Data Providers
-EUMETSAT: Meteosat (every 15 minutes) and MetOp (per local satellite pass) satellite data
-NOAA: GOES and POES satellite data and NOAA-NESDIS products (atmospheric and marine)
-CMA: FY-1/2 satellite data
-JMA: MT-SAT satellite data
Key GEONETCast Product Data Providers
-EUMETSAT: Meteorological products for atmospheric and land applications
-EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facilities (SAFs): Meteorological products for atmospheric, land and marine applications
-VITO: Vegetation index product (land)
– NOAA: NOAA-NESDIS products for atmospheric applications
-ECMWF/ U.K. Met Office, Deutscher Wetterdienst, M?àt?ào-France: Observational and forecast products for atmospheric, marine and land applications
For a full list of services available on GEONETCast, consult the GEONETCast Product Guide.
User Registration
Users interested in receiving products and services delivered via GEONETCast should register with GEONETCast network provider covering their geographical location. To register for the service provided by EUMETCast (EUMETCast-Europe, EUMETCast-Africa, EUMETCast-America) complete the online registration form. To register for FengYunCast reception, contact the Chinese Meteorological Administration.
GEONETCast Feedback

GEONETCast partners welcome feedback from data providers interested in using the GEONETCast framework to disseminate their products and services to their user community. In addition, users of these services are welcome to provide their feedback on the types of services they would like to receive via the GEONETCast network. To do so, use the feedback form provided to send your comments to EUMETSAT.
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