Seventh Research Framework Programme

The European Union puts considerable emphasis on the need to invest more in research. By increasing our knowledge base, Europe will be more able to address its challenges for the future such as climate change, energy security or the ageing population. Increased emphasis on industrial research and innovation will lead to new products and services that will boost Europe??s international competitiveness. The EU has responded to the increased need for coordinated and focussed research with the Seventh Research Framework Programme, due to be voted by the European Parliament on 30 November, for final adoption by the Council of Ministers on 5 December. The European Commission is making available information to help guide the press through this comprehensive programme, the biggest yet at European level.
An electronic press pack with individual fact-sheets on all areas of the programme will be available at Europa FP7 
These fact-sheets will cover:
* FP 7 in a nutshell
* Tackling major research themes together (Co-operation programme)
* Health
* Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
* Information and Communication Technologies
* Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies
* Energy
* Environment (including Climate Change)
* Transport
* Socio-economics Sciences and the Humanities
* Space 
* Security
* Putting bright ideas to work for Europe (Ideas Programme)
* Want a scientific career in Europe (People Programme)
* Top facilities for top scientists (Capacities Programme)
* Research infrastructures
* Small and Medium sized Enterprises
* Regions of Knowledge
* Research Potential of Convergence Regions
* Science in Society
* Support to the coherent development of research policies
* International Co-operation
* Securing tomorrow??s energy needs (Euratom in FP7)
* Science supporting policy-making (Joint Research Centre)
The press pack also contains a PowerPoint presentation with the main points about European research policy and how it will be supported and developed through the Framework Programme.
Audiovisual press are invited to make use of three info/memo clips relating to various different aspects of research that are available on Europe by Satellite
(Source EUROPA-Rapid
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Author: EARSC

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