Conciliation Agreement on INSPIRE Directive

During the conciliation procedure, the European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on INSPIRE Directive (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community) on 21 November 2006. The Directive will oblige EU member states to improve the administration of their map services and other spatial data services according to common principles.
This will trigger the creation of a European spatial information infrastructure that will deliver to users integrated spatial information services. These services should allow users to identify and access spatial or geographical information from a wide range of sources, from the local level to the global level, in an inter-operable way for a variety of uses. The target users of INSPIRE will include policy-makers, planners and managers at European, national and local level, the citizens and their organisations.
More on: Finland’s EU Presidency website and on the INSPIRE website
(Source GMES
Author: EARSC

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