GAF-AG completes implementation Geoscientific & Mining Information Centre

Munich, November 6th, 2006
GAF AG has completed successfully the main phase of a technical assistance project in establishing the geoscience and mining information centre in Madagascar BPGRM – Base de donn?‡es pour la Promotion et la Gouvernance des Ressources Min?‡rales – Centre d`Information G?‡oscientifique et Mini?„re de Madagascar), under the ?®Projet de Gouvernance des Ressources Min?‡rales?∆ (PGRM). The works have been performed for the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Antananarivo, Madagascar, and are funded by the World Bank / International Development Association (IDA) and the Government of Madagascar. The Information Centre has been officially launched by the Ministry of Energy and Mines September 29th and is a key achievement for the promotion of the mining sector and the attraction of foreign investment
BPGRM is currently the most comprehensive and complete one-stop-service for geological, geoscientific and mining information, covering the whole of Madagascar. BPGRM offers a full suite of products and services for mining operators, exploration companies, investors, academic researchers and the general prospectors. The portfolio comprises maps, satellite data, publications and bibliography, GIS data as well as the results of ongoing PGRM geophysical survey and geological cartography, but also information about the legal framework and investment environment. Cadastral information from the ?®Bureau de Cadastre Minier de Madagascar?∆ can also be consulted. The centre??s experts offer data handling, integration and analysis services including the preparation of multi-thematic data kits, compilation datasets and maps, interpreted geophysical and remote sensing maps, and mineral potential maps derived from existing geological, mining and geophysical information. The centre is conceived as a nationwide information system for the interpretation, analysis and exploitation of all existing and future geoscientific and mining information of Madagascar. It is equipped with state-of-the art GIS software, image processing, database management systems, webtools and geophysical data processing. The BPGRM staff consists of a number of geo- and IT experts with dedicated training by reknown international experts.
BPGRM can be accessed locally and worldwide. In Antananarivo, Madagascar the service and sales counter of the center is open during office hours and is supported by 5 public consultation stations with interactive and free-of-charge access to the catalogue system and BPGRM website. Worldwide access is supported by the BPGRM internet site ( accessible around the clock and offering all key information, product and price lists, a catalogue as well as interactive maps.
GAF AG has been responsible for the design, set-up and implementation of BPGRM. The following tasks have been performed by a team of GAF experts since February 2005: institutional strengthening including capacity transfer, training, equipment specifications and procurement, data policy, the technical design and implementation of the databases, software, the IT infrastructure and networking. GAF performed integration and interpretation of the data and development of key products such as mineral potential maps, on-line interactive maps, geolexical standards, geo-database structure and product layout models. A range of promotional products has been prepared and the website established. BPGRM in Madagascar is the latest addition to the list of computerised geological, mining or cadastral information systems implemented and put in operation or improved by GAF AG in a variety of countries including Congo-DRC, Madagascar, Mauretania, Namibia and currently in Papua New Guinea.
Mr. Enrique Ortega, Consultant for the World Bank states: ?®After the implementation of the mining cadastre in Madagascar, the startup of BPGRM – with its impressing range or products and services – is the next major milestone for the promotion of the mining sector in Madagascar?∆.
Mr. Stefan Saradeth, Project Director of GAF observes: ?®As the most comprehensive access point to the geoscientific and mining information, data and bibliography of Madagascar BPGRM is very attractive for the mining industry and for investors. Inclusion of mining cadastral data as well as the delimitation of protected areas and national parks allows to immediately verify if areas of interest are available for exploration and exploitation. With its additional infrastructural datasets a first assessment of accessibility and availability is possible, which makes the web site a major tool to help decision making. GAF AG will soon add its own in 2006 acquired road network database, which provides meter location accuracy plus road quality information for the main road network in Madagascar?∆.
GAF AG enters now the project maintenance phase, where it offers continued technical assistance and support, consultancy and further training.
About PGRM:
The Government of Madagascar is well ahead in the second stage of far reaching reforms of the mineral sector with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of Madagascar for mineral development and mining investment. Key elements include institutional reforms and improvement of the Geodatabase of Madagascar, as well as the targeted development of promising investment poles e.g. Industrial metals, gemstones, precious metals.
About GAF AG:
GAF AG is an international company with leading competence and expertise in applied remote sensing and spatial information systems. GAF AG offers a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from supply of geo-data (e.g. satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models), and geoservices (e.g. image processing, thematic mapping, GIS/DBMS applications and software development). GAF AG has a proven track-record in performing technical assistance projects in the overall natural resources sector and delivering customized geological and land information systems. For over two decades, GAF AG¨?s activities have been overseen by the CEO, Dr. Rupert Haydn, a pioneer in custom and civilian applications of remote sensing in Europe.
To obtain more information, please contact:
Dr. Stefan Saradeth
Tel. +49 (0) 89 12 15 28 0
(Source GAF AG
Author: EARSC

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